Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Leadership - Docu-Fiction
Duration - 25 minutes
Roles played : Concept, Visualiser, Script-Writer, Production

Siddhant is young man disturbed by the deterioration that he sees in the quality of life around him - terrorism, politics, inequality, honesty et all. He feels certain that the world is going to its doom. This is when Siddhant’s grandfather intervenes to tells him that if he wants a change, he must BE THE CHANGE, he must take the first step.
What follows is a heart warming conversation between the grandfather and the grandson as they who while bonding with each other dwell on the great possibility of each one having the capacity to be a leader. The Film was made for the Ahmedabad based NGO 'Mathan'
(the video is currently not available for viewing in the public domain)

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