Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas time! Home Decor

Really enjoyed doing up home for Christmas again. Its such a must to bring on the seasons flavours. Mom started with cake baking and then we did up the house together. From putting up the Christmas tree to mom's innovative crib making styles, they'll all a part of treasured growing up memories for me.

1. The Christmas Tree

2. The room from behind the veiled curtains
3. The tree to the right corner of the room and the crib to the left
4.The crib
5. The angel over the crib
6. The king who lost his balance :)
7. Red lamps and wine and fairy lights
8. Sequenced velvet red cushions to go with white laced sofa covers
9. Stockings, snowflakes and fog curtains
10. Santa sits alongside the bible on our red Christmas tree skirt
11. Santa sits thinking on the tree. He's joined by one of the camels of the three kings
12. Red christmas ornaments and paper cut flakes swing above the head.

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