Thursday, March 19, 2009

Humse Poocho Yeh Awaargi Hai Kya- Documentary

Humse Poocho Yeh Awaargi Hai Kya - Documentary from annie napolean on Vimeo.
Duration - 15 minutes

Roles played : Director, Script-Writer, Editor, Producer
The entire project from research to edit took two months.

Children- innocent, peppy and quick to imitate from their surroundings are a reflection of the societies we live in. Our film follows the lives and times of one such a group of Muslim
children in Ahmedabad, who sell plate scrubs and much more. As we dwell deeper into their thoughts, hopes and aspirations one can’t help but think that they are heroes in their own right to survive with so much cheer despite their daily hardships. What is to become of them , their still hopeful dreams? It is but a sad and dangerous prospect as they grow up in a their harsh, orthodox, poverty stricken and complacent societies. Who will ever break this vicious cycle?

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