Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Wizardry

Dad's 60th birthday was coming up and I thought it did be fun to dress up the party room like you did do it for kids :D Our living room has huge cream walls and white windows and the chairs we were hiring for the guests had rich red covers.

So I decided that I did have to do something by throwing some more red color around the room and to add a classy contrast ch choose one more color.

Youtube had several DIY paper projects especially origami DIYs. So the first few days I spent trying out different origami animals. It was damn painful especially when you went all wrong and made a monster at the end of it.

The flying crane I discovered to be the easiest of the lot and considering that I needed to mass produce I perfected it.

Next I headed out to the mad mad Sadar bazaar and fetched loads of paper for cheap. I picked up mostly red paper of different varieties and black spotted paper to contrast. I was hoping to find pin striped, checkered black and red paper too but didn't have much time to explore. (By the by Sardar is an amazing place to dig up exquisite gift paper prints! I also picked fairy lights, bulbs, heart prints napkins, zig-zag scissors and other stationary from there. Its all available for a very decent price there )

I loved the week that followed. Began sitting up after office , sometimes all night. Reminded me of college when we used to sit up and do such weird stuff. It had been so long since I had done something like it. And I think using hands to cut and glue and thread and nail gives people strange delight. The heart strings took the longest. I hadn't been able to buy any both sides red paper so I had to do double sticking. I was beginning to think it did never come through, but it actually did :) bit by bit, piece by piece and all along for company on those dark dark nights I had my fairy lights laid out on the floor glowing by my side :D


Siddhartha Joshi said...

Great work done or daddy :) So what was his reaction? No pictures from the party?

Annie Napolean said...

Daddy liked it for sure :)Nice idea to blog family reactions. I think I'll do that for Christmas :D

Ela Iliesi said...

a beautiful result!

Annie Napolean said...

Thanks Ela :D nice to know people drop by and see it :)