Thursday, October 6, 2011

We are Birds of the Boundless Sky

This would be one of my favourite poems. Used to recite it pretty innocently while at school. Here's a translation of the same off a website:

We are Birds of the Boundless Sky- ShivMangal Singh Suman

We are birds of the boundless sky

Caged, we cannot sing.

Battered against these golden bars

Break, shall the delicate wing.

We who drink of free flowing waters,

Shall die of hunger and thirst.

Far better is the bitter berry

Than grain in a golden cup.

Within these yellow prison bars

We forget our speed, our flight

And visit only in lucid dreams

Our open swings within trees.

Such were our desires and more to soar

Beyond the boundaries blue

To devour the scarlet rays with beaks

And stars like grains, chew.

To blend with the horizon seamless

These wings shall thrash and throe,

To be one with that same horizon

Or only to be no more.

Pay no heed to the tree-bough

Destroy and wreck my shelter

but if these wings I am to have,

Do not distress these frantic flights.

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